Gilmanton Elementary

P.O. Box 28

W756 County Road Z

Gilmanton, WI 54743-0028

Phone:  715-946-3158

Fax:  715-946-3474

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       The Gilmanton Elementary houses 5 classrooms.  The following are the teaching staff at Gilmanton Elementary. 

All phone calls to this building go through the high school's main office.

LD/CD: Cory Stoutner

4K: April Falkner

Kindergarten: Kim Becker

1st & 2nd Grade: Jeanette Thompson

2nd & 3rd Grade:Jodi Brantner

3rd & 4th Grade:  Michelle Hovey  

Speech & Language- 

Volunteer:  Betty Quarberg

School Psychologist -  Shyre Mann